Legacy Golf Club – Lakewood Ranch

Legacy Golf Club at lakewood Ranch is a Public 18 hole golf course, this challenging course has sand and water surrounding most of the holes, there are 7 different tee locations that can be used depending on handicap level. Food & beverages are also served between 08:00 and 18:00.

Legacy Bradenton Golf








Mens Tee

Black Tee 7008 131 73.2
Gold Tee 6558 127 71.1
Silver Tee 5929 120 68.4
Copper Tee 5375 108 66

Ladies Tee

Silver Tee 5929 132 73.9
Copper Tee 5375 126 70.9
Jade Tee 4886 121 68.4

Slope = This is how difficult a course is for a Bogey golfer (someone who regularly shoots 18 over par) 113 is the US average for a course, so a figure of 122 whould tell you that this course is more difficult than the average course, the location and distance of the Tees can affect the slope fso for each Tee you will have a slope.