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Florida Villa Rentals offers Property Management services in the Disney Orlando area.

FVR2We are a dedicated professional team that provides the best quality service for homeowners and vacationers, we offer a full property management service and treat every property as if it is our own, we want to ensure the holiday makers or long term renters want to keep coming back and staying in your property.

Our Services:

Vacation Property Assessment:

Is your property up to our high standards?

Before we take on any property either for management or for our Premier Cleaning service we will need to perform a detailed documented assessment of the property, inside and out. We will detail all issues found and list any remediation tasks required. These must be met before we will take on the property as part of our portfolio. Contact us for a price on the Vacation Property Assessment by emailing

Note: part of the cost for this assessment can be offset against a Spring Clean or Property Management cost.

Property Management

Most home owners live hundreds or even thousands of miles away and trust their property management company to look after their property and report on any issues that are found. We provide regular inspections on the property both before and after a customer visit and also weekly inspections when the property is unattended to ensure all is well. As part of this service we provide low level maintenance immediately any issue is found and for anything over $100 in repairs we will contact you to make you aware that the maintenance must be carried out. We also provide a Monthly report on the condition of your property.

Before any guest visit we will inspect the property we will make sure that all bathrooms, toilets, kitchens are cleaned and stocked with essential supplies (Toilet Rolls, washing detergent, dish washer tablets, waste bags), we will check the pool area and remove any bugs or leaves from the pool, where a pool cover is supplied we will lay it over the pool to try and help keep it warm during the winter months, we will then lock the property ready for the guest arrival.

After any guest visit we inspect the property for damage, wear and tear etc.. Lost property will be removed and taken to our office for collection, all doors and windows will be checked and locked and the alarm will be set.

We offer two levels of  services, a fully managed service and a partially managed service. Please contact us for more information and a price -

Cleaning Services

Opportunities to have repeat customers are often lost through the appearance and cleanliness of a property. It is important not to lose these customers as repeat business helps increase occupancy numbers and overall property revenue.

Premium Cleaning service:

Our premium cleaning service is intended to ensure your customers feel that the home is clean, hygienic and a safe place to stay. We may not be the cheapest but we aim to ensure that customers want to return to your house year after year. We use the best staff and products to ensure your property is entitled to have the word ‘Luxury’ associated with it. We spend longer on each property to ensure the best level of service along with that sparkle finish to make the property really stand out.

Spring clean service

Every vacation home should have an annual or even bi-annual spring clean, with this service we provide a thorough deep clean, we empty and clean inside all cupboards and drawers, clean the carpets, deep clean on all bathrooms and touch up any paintwork where possible.

Window Cleaning

We provide an external window cleaning service and recommend this is done quarterly on all properties.

Garden Spring Clean

The garden spring clean we recommend a minimum of once a year and for those with over hanging trees then twice a year, in this service we will clean the white fences, wash the fascia of the house, clean the pool screen and quote for any screen repairs needed, was all the pool furniture and inspect it for damage and general wear, we can also power wash all drives, foot paths and pool areas. This service is quoted on an individual basis.

Please contact us on for any of these services.

Other Services:

Pest Control

Florida's humid temperature make it an ideal place for insects and other pests, so ensuring the property is protected against termites and other insects is very important, we provide a quarterly service and bill this monthly to spread the payments, all pest control agents are fully licensed.

Pool Maintenance

Pools are maintained weekly and all chemicals are included in the service charge. A pool technician will visit the property and check all filters, chemicals, vacuum sweep the pool floor and wash down the pool deck, we will also check all furniture to ensure it is in good working order.

Lawn Care including fertilization

First impressions are everything. Ensuring you have a nice lawn and garden is important for that first impression when your customers arrive. We provide lawn maintenance, edging, weeding and trimming of bushes for front and back yards. We can also arrange palm and other tree trimming and irrigation repairs for sprinkler systems.

Welcome Packs

We provide welcome packs for guests and there are three options available, prices start from $50. This service is only available to our home owners advertising on this site.

For further information or prices please contact us at or complete the form below:

Property Management
Property Management